Every piece of our home furniture is carefully chosen. Quality, design, style, materials… All of those little things that make us happy to live in our homes. But, most  of the pet houses available on the market today are cheap, of low quality and badly designed, or of high quality, but too expensive. So, we feel that with the Giomilla we have reached the right balance between quality, design and price.

All in high quality wood, luxury fabrics, eco-friendly and hand made in Italy with a unique design. These is Giomilla!


We offer four models: Dana, Mia, Lia and Flux. All for indoor use only (they aren’t waterproof).
Every Giomilla house has its own features, and we’re sure you’ll find the favourite one for you and your pet!


Its long shape makes this house a perfect place where your pet can lay back in a relaxing stretched position (suitable for small dogs with short legs!).


Lia is the pet-house suitable for all pets and accommodations, thanks to its compact shape but roomy inside (suitable for small dogs with long legs!).


Mia is perfect for pets who love climbing to better observe their surroundings in a raised position from the floor, its concave shape top shape makes it more comfortable for your pet to relax on it (perfect for cats!).


Flux is perfect for pets that love hiding thanks to the small entry passage, while observing their surroundings in a raised position from the floor (especially suitable for cats!).

We also offer to you a special accessory: The Giomilla’s keyring. Made like a “biscuit” of two piece of solid wood (one for side), it’s the same paw logo on the front side of the houses, with a laser engraved Giomilla’s logo on it’s back side, and with an eco leather string for hang it.

The front and back faces of the keyring:


These pet-houses are suitable for all kinds of cats and rabbits, but not for dogs heavier than about 6 Kg (13 lb).




For each model, you can choose the fabrics for the bottom cushion: either the elegant eco-leather or the more comfortable microfiber.

There are two colors for each bottom cushion : white or green for the eco-leather, and light blue or mustard for the microfiber.

There are also the removable quilted paddings fastened to the inner walls of houses, to offer more comfort to your pets, and for easier internal cleaning.

They are only available in white eco-leather. (CAUTION: The bottom cushions and quilted paddings colors, could be slightly different from the colors represented on the example photos.)

The four colors for the bottom cushion:


All cushions and paddings are really easy to clean thanks to the waterproof eco-leather and the hydrophobic microfiber: you can clean it quickly with a sponge or if needed in a washing machine. Fast removal and re-assembly of the bottom cushions and the quilted paddings helps you to obtain thorough cleaning.

There is a transparent waterproof plastic sheet under the bottom cushion for a better protection of the wood from dirt, while also making it easier to clean the bottom.

The quilted paddings are supported by Velcro strips, while the bottom cushion and plastic sheet protection are trapped on the bottom of the house.


All production is made locally in Italy, in the area between the town of Pesaro and Urbino by expert craftsman.

The wooden parts for the houses are all made and assembled in the craft laboratory “Il Mondo di Giomilla”, situated in the Italian village of Tavoleto, and all wood come from sustainably managed forests.

Various types of reused high quality solid wood is utilized on the rounded walls of the pet-houses for two very important reasons:

  • To reuse wood coming from production scrap of other objects (toys, furniture …). These precious pieces of wood usually end up as firewood as they are difficult to reuse. Burning these high quality pieces of wood is a real waste! This reduces Giomilla’s production costs making the product more affordable without compromising on quality, over that much more eco-friendly.
  • The slight colour variations of the wood give the pet-houses a beautiful chromatic effect making them quite unique. These variations will always be different and they are produced according to the craftsman’s taste.

High quality birch plywood is used on the flat wooden walls. The decorative holes on the back flat wall are for both better ventilation inside the pet-house and for handling purposes when placing or moving the pet-house.

Assembly is carried out using strips of wood which make a strong interlocking connection between the wooden walls (no metal joints are used). The PVA glue solution is additionally added for give more solidity to the structure.