GIOMILLA: Pet houses for home furnishing.

Giomilla is a new brand of pet accessories with a distinctive, unique design and philosophy. All made with high wood quality, eco-friendly and hand crafted in Italy with pride.

The concept of Giomilla comes from two simple needs:

  • A comfortable house for your pets (dogs, cats and rabbits), where they can realx, stay warm and enjoy their surroundings without being disturbed.
  • A nice, elegant and functional piece of design furniture in your home.

We have combined these needs with the beauty of natural wood, luxury fabrics and elegant shapes.


The longer shape of Dana, makes this house a perfect place where your pet can lay back in a relaxing stretched position (suitable for small dogs with short legs!).
Dimensions: L 57,5 x H 40 x P 33,5 cm (L 22,5 x H 15,5 x P 13 inch)


Lia is the pet-house suitable for all pets and accommodations, thanks to its compact shape but roomy inside (suitable for small dogs with long legs!).

Dimensions: L 47,5 x H 40,5 x P 33,5 cm (L 18,5 x H 16 x P 13 inch)


Mia is perfect for pets who love climbing to better observe their surroundings in a raised position from the floor. Its concave top shape makes it more comfortable for your pet to relax on it (perfect for cats!).
Dimensions: L 48 x H 37 x P 33,5 cm (L 19 x H 14,5 x P 13 inch)


Flux is perfect for pets that love hiding thanks to the small entry passage, while observing their surroundings in a raised position from the floor (especially suitable for cats!).

Dimension: L 49 x H 45 x P 33,5 cm (L 19 x H 17,5  x P 13 inch)



The Giomilla brand was founded by the industrial designer Francesco Candiotti, in collaboration with some expert italian craftsman.

All the pet houses are hand made and designed in the pretty little village of Tavoleto (Italy).


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